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Trust Chain Global is a B2B transactional platform using a combination of traditional technologies and proven web 3.0 innovations. Our customers enjoy transparency, security and simplicity in a space currently overwhelmed by inefficient processes and significant fraud.


Maintain complete visibility using our extensive dashboards so you know the deal status in real time, from the initial NCNDA right through to delivery of funds. Continuous KYC, KYB and AML checks for peace of mind.


Eliminate operational challenges by safeguarding your documentation in one centralized, secure location. Let your workflow automatically come to completion with the help of integrated electronic signatures, automated reminders, shared capabilities, and audit logs.


We partnered with Drata and work with an independent auditor to obtain a SOC Type 2 report, which certifies we constantly ensure security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity of our customers' data and end-to-end SSL communication protocols.

Escrow & Paymaster Services

Financial Due Diligence

Trust Chain Global financial services are easy to use and accessible to our customers. You can signup, get verified and start transacting immediately.

  • Achieve faster ROI by saving on legal fees and time
  • Mitigate risk with full visibility throughout the entire process
  • Optimize trust with all parties using our secure escrow payments – Manage relationships with correct commission payouts

Eliminate risk for all parties and optimize

Seller Benefits

  • Automated identity and commodity verification to start the process quickly
  • Full suite of financial services to support your transaction from start to finish
  • Customizable SOP workflows to facilitate progress

Buyer Benefits

  • Integrated SGS and Bill of Lading to expedite commodity verification
  • Funds held securely in neutral third party escrow to ensure peace of mind
  • Transparent fee structures with automated commission handling

The Only Way to Transact Large-Scale International Commodities

Due Diligence

Real-time, continuous monitoring of commodities, identities and transactions.

Escrow Services

Neutral 3rd party escrow service with unlimited monetary transaction values, world-class security and financial compliance.

Paymaster Services

Automated fee calculation and payouts once conditions have been satisfied and the deal closes.

Digital Workflows

Customizable workflows, legal templates, final documents, automatic generation, integrated e-signatures, and more.

Closing Room

Innovative closing room feature with seller, buyer and legal views for a complete Attorney-to-Attorney experience.


State-of-the-art security and compliance using industry-leading infrastructure.

100 %

Verified Parties

All Sellers, Buyers and Brokers with continuous verified background checks

85 %

Faster Transaction

Faster transactions combining the entire transaction process in one place

25 %

Lower Costs

Reduce your cost burden by saving with our Escrow and Paymaster Services compared to similar industry services

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Entrepreneur First Backs Trust Chain As Part Of TO21 Cohort

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The commodity market size measured by revenue, is $15.3bn in 2022.

80 + Countries

Trust Chain Global is connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.

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Trusted platform for B2B transactions

We are registered with a major United States Bank to be able to offer escrow and paymaster services. All customer funds are segregated into dedicated accounts, which are totally separated from company’s operational account. All applicable licenses and regulations are followed to make sure your money is safe while being held in our escrow.

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Perform your role securely and efficiently with Trust Chain Global’s end-to-end transaction platform. Here’s what some of our recent clients have said about working with us.

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We have the solutions to your questions. Our team is here to help you understand how the platform works so you can move forward with your business fast and efficiently.

What is Trust Chain Global?

Trust Chain Global pairs the security and traceability of blockchain technology with the efficiency and reliability of self-executing smart contracts to ensure Sellers get paid quickly, buyers receive immediate tradable title to commodities, and lien holders and other payees are paid first.

How is Trust Chain Global in use today?

Yes we are currently live and can provide a demo. Our product and services are growing each month to better provide an experience to our clients.

When will Sellers start seeing the benefits?

Trust Chain Global will allow sellers to be able to close more deals faster and with greater confidence with the buyer and broker trying to purchase from them.

Why is it called Trust Chain Global?

“Trust Chain” reflects the key goals of this initiative – namely, applying technology to provenance for commodity products and in doing so, increasing the buyers’ levels of transparency, assurance and trust that they know where their commodity has come from. “Global” because we provide this service worldwide.

What will the buyer receive at closing?

Trust Chain Global will provide the buyer with a permanent digital record of all the transactions completed as part of  deal closing.

How secure is Trust Chain Global?

Trust Chain Global is extremely secure. It uses a proven technology platform with data verification at each stage of the deal process and is in the process of being SOC2 certified.

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Trust Chain Global provides a tailored solution that will work best for you, whether you're a buyer or a seller. For additional information, see our Services page.

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$ 199 .99 /month

Billed as $1679.91 per year

  • Deal Managment
  • Digital signature solution
  • KYC/AML checks
  • Automated fee agreement
  • Digital Sub-Agreement
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Escrow and Paymaster Fee
% 0.15-2.0 /rate

Rate varies

  • As a trusted third party, Trust Chain Global keeps the buyer's funds secure until the deal's procedures are finished and ready to release.
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Procurement Fee
% 1.0-2.0 /rate

Rate varies

  • If you do not use the Trust Chain Global Escrow, we will charge a procurement fee for processing the completed deal on the platform.
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No hidden charges. No amendment fees.

Is my money safe with Trust Chain Global?

Every transaction has its own escrow account, and the monies are always maintained in our licensed bank.

SSL Encrypted Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

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