Trust Chain Secures Funding From N49P to Accelerate Growth

Funding announcement from N49P

TORONTO, Ontario. Trust Chain Global secures its seed funding from Toronto-based venture capital firm N49P.  Also participating in the round was Entrepreneur First, an international entrepreneur accelerator growth program based in the UK.

“Many deals are brokered via informal channels, and a large percentage fail to close due to lack of transparency or verifiable information. Trust Chain provides its customers with tools that validate information and significantly increase the chance of completing a deal successfully. We are excited to support founders that understand the market and already have a strong customer base.”

Alex Norman, Partner at N49P

“The name ‘Trust Chain Global’ reflects our main goal of using technology to provide trust and confidence to legit players in the field on a global scale. We aim to take care of the full lifecycle of your transaction, and continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our customers.”

Giancarlo De Lio, Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Trust Chain Global

Funding Will Provide Opportunity for Growth

With this equity financing Trust Chain will ramp up its engineering team, business development efforts, and marketing activities around the globe.

“It is pretty rare when you come across a market that affects everyone’s life, yet is fraught with problems no one has addressed. The fact that our solution involves digitally-enabled transparency and fintech services makes it even more exciting. For me, 2022 is marked as an opportunity to make a huge impact in a space that hasn’t really changed in over 20 years.”

Katrin Shechtman, Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Trust Chain Global

The Problem

Many segments of the global supply chain are currently rampant with fraud and mistrust. For instance, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply chain is vital to ensuring essential health care services. Verifying that PPE (Cranberry Gloves, 3M Masks, Cardinal, etc.) is genuine is not a simple task. It’s exceedingly difficult to trace real products as they move between manufacturers, distributors, resellers and brokers. As a result, many buyers and sellers question the product authenticity and lack confidence in the process.

The Solution

Trust Chain offers a single, frictionless experience for global transactions and payments throughout the deal lifecycle. The platform uses both traditional and blockchain technologies to verify and auto-execute contracts along with escrow and paymaster services, creating a fully automated process to securely transact with verified buyers, sellers and intermediaries.

Instead of using manual processes, fragmented technologies and unstandardized communications, our customers can navigate their workflow in a single place. Users manage all of their documentation and can use platform financial services such as escrow and paymaster. We also provide our customers with integrated identity and product verification. Platforms auxiliary features ensure users are while staying secure and compliant at all times.

About Us

Trust Chain is a 3rd party workflow management solution and fintech platform. It allows the global commodities community to transact faster and safer in a transparent and compliant manner. With continuous identity verification, digital escrow & payments, as well as smart deal management, all parties can transact faster and with more confidence. Our innovative platform allows the commodity to reach its destination faster. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and technologists, Trust Chain Global is dedicated to bringing trust, confidence and transparency to the commodities market using innovative technologies.