Entrepreneur First Backs Trust Chain As Part Of TO21 Cohort

TORONTO, Ontario. Entrepreneur First is a platform where ambitious leaders come together to build impactful technology companies. They have amassed a worldwide network of experts and innovators, and Trust Chain is honoured to be part of their T021 cohort.

“Entrepreneur First really stands by their founders. They attract the most ambitious leaders, the most technologically-savvy innovators, and the most determined entrepreneurs. EF was the first place I went to for support when I was looking to build Trust Chain Global from the ground up. Their contributions to the global technology industry are truly impressive and we are proud to be part of their community.”

Giancarlo De Lio, Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Trust Chain Global

Entrepreneurs First supports companies that can make an impact within the global technology sector. They have a proven track record of finding leaders with great potential. Some of their successfully backed companies include:

  • Tractable (Computer Vision, currently valued at $1 billion as of June 2021)
  • Magic Pony Technology (AI, acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m)
  • Represent (social commerce, acquired by CustomInk)
  • Bloomsbury AI (acquired by Facebook)
  • Cleo (fintech)
  • OpenCosmos (space)
  • CloudNC (manufacturing)
  • Transcelestial (satellite communications)

We would like to thank our group partners Rachel ZimmerAlex Norman and Milad Alucozai, and everyone on the EF Team as they support us on this exciting journey.

About Us

Trust Chain Global is a 3rd party workflow management solution and fintech platform. It allows the global commodities community to transact faster and safer in a transparent and compliant manner. With continuous identity verification, digital escrow & payments, as well as smart deal management, all parties can transact faster and with more confidence. Our innovative platform allows the commodity to reach its destination faster. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and technologists, Trust Chain Global is dedicated to bringing trust, confidence and transparency to the commodities market using innovative technologies.