Joat Moss Signs on with Trust Chain for Large Scale Transactions

TORONTO, CANADA — Trust Chain Global is proud to announce that Joat Moss Global Group Inc., a Thomas Agency certified COVID-19 Response Supplier, will be using the Trust Chain platform for their PPE transactions.

“Trust Chain Global is enabling our organization to coordinate with over 70 sellers and distributors of PPE worldwide. In order to meet the overwhelming needs of our clients here in the United States, we needed a solution that could speed up the transaction process while protecting our sensitive business, client and personal information. Trust Chain Global provides us with the tools we need to get vital medical supplies in the hands of our customers when they need them the most.”

~ Jamica Bell, Chief Operating Officer, Joat Moss

In order to meet the ever-growing demands of an expanding supply chain, the industry has to take advantage of the latest technologies in order to maintain integrity within the space. This is the driving force behind Trust Chain Global, with the company itself founded by a supply chain professional and a technologist. The platform combines proven, traditional technologies with Web 3.0 innovations to provide clients with all the tools they need to navigate the complexities of supply chain transactions.

“The pandemic highlighted many weaknesses within the global supply chain. As a professional acting within that ecosystem, I saw transactions fail because of increased fraud within the industry. Along with my business partner, Katrin Shechtman, we built Trust Chain from the ground up to solve the problems that I and many of my colleagues were facing. We’re excited to work with Joat Moss and help their team succeed in an increasingly complex industry.”

Joat Moss will be using the Trust Chain Platform to circulate new PPE supplies to buyers in their network. The platform also provides all users with integrated e-signatures, customizable templates, deal flow management, escrow and paymaster services, a virtual closing room and the ability to verify transacting parties..

About Joat Moss – Joat Moss Global Group Inc. was founded in 2011 to support small businesses. They quickly expanded into transportation and logistics, and consequently recognized the need for thought leadership within the industry. Their team works with multiple suppliers internationally while providing consulting services to new supply chain professionals.

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About Trust Chain Global – Trust Chain Global is a trusted, neutral 3rd party that brings all participants of the supply chain together to act with transparency, efficiency, and reliability. It is a workflow management solution and fintech platform that allows parties of the global commodities community to transact faster and safer in a transparent and compliant manner. With built-in continuous identity verification, digital escrow and payments, as well as smart deal management, all parties transact fast and with confidence letting the commodity reach its destination faster. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and technologists, Trust Chain Global is dedicated to bringing trust, confidence and transparency to commodities buying and selling through technology.

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