Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some commonly asked questions about Trust Chain Global. Our team is also ready to help you get the answers you need via our Contact page.

What is Trust Chain Global?

Trust Chain Global pairs the security and traceability of blockchain technology with the efficiency and reliability of self-executing smart contracts. Sellers get paid quickly, buyers receive immediate tradable title to commodities, and lien holders and other payees are paid first.

Why is it called Trust Chain Global?

“Trust Chain” reflects the key goal of this initiative. Our platform applies technology to provenance for commodity products. This gives the buyer an unprecedented level of transparency and confidence, providing assurance as to where their commodity has come from. “Global” because we provide this service worldwide and can manage both the Sellers and Buyers throughout the process.

What will the buyer receive at the point of sale?

Trust Chain Global will provide the buyer with a permanent digital record of all the transactions in the commodity deal.

Is Trust Chain secure?

Trust Chain Global is extremely secure. It uses a proven technology platform with data verification at each stage of the deal process. TCG is in the process of being SOC2 certified.

Is Trust Chain Global in use today?

Yes, we are currently live and have clients using the platform right now. Our product and services are expanding every day to provide an efficient, secure and reliable experience for our clients.

How will consumers benefit from Trust Chain Global?

Trust Chain Global uses blockchain technology to deliver better transparency of sourcing, visibility into the supply chain, and peace of mind for the consumer that they are buying a verified commodity.

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